The Company: The Metodika mission is to support leading clinics and hospitals worldwide, in their efforts to provide the highest quality patient care and to maintain professional and ethical standards through the realisation of intelligent systems.

We continually develop new and visionary time saving tools to ensure a quick return of investments for our clients.
We have few employees and instead we outsource as much as we can outside the very core of our business, allowing us to quickly adapt to new trends and needs in our markets.

We use standardised components for all our work, both in software development and methodology.

Metodika and our IT platform Skalpell help leading medical practitioners across the world to find more time to give their patients the highest standard of care. Skalpell is an Enterprise Practice Management system for Mid-Sized caregivers.

Shown above. Akademikliniken, Stockholm: arrivals registration with Skalpell. The clinic has used our completely integrated and cross platform solution since 1996.

Today, Metodika services and products are in high demand. This growth is fuelled both by a rapid growth in the underlying market and by specific needs for our solutions brought on by growing competition and increased legal and regulatory demands.

As a result, Metodika has secured a strong base with enormous potential for future long-term expansion through organic growth. Our Hospital Management System is used daily in ten countries, at over 100 clinics. More than 1500 caregivers use Skalpell every day.

Skalpell is multi-platform. It is the only system built 100% around the unique business demands and needs of private care customers. It is our vision to be known as the most innovative software supplier in the health care industry, which is why we continuously develop the Skalpell software suite and our supporting services.

Metodika is considered to be Europe's leading developer of multi-language mid-sized Enterprise Practice Management systems.


Metodika was formed in 1991 as a Process and Methodology management consulting firm. Working closely with our clients during the implementation of complex and often visionary IT solutions we came to realise the need for a software development house that could do more.

In partnership with one of the most successful private Health Care initiatives in Europe, we have developed an outstanding software solution for Private Health Care Providers. Our product Skalpell is one of the worlds' foremost Health Care Practice Management software suites.

We have customers in Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, with a steady growth in all our markets. Skalpell is an essential part of our clients’ successful business models.

Research and Development

Metodika spends a significant part of its income on R&D. In 2008 this equated to 9,000 hours of software development and an additional 3,500 hours in developing our clients' processes. We will continue to invest significantly in improving our products and services. In part, the R&D is funded by clients’ requests for new functions and also by clients’ Service and Update agreements.

New products and services are continually developed in response to the demonstrated needs of our market. In 2011 alone, 809 new features, functions and improvements were added to Skalpell, driven by new customer requirements to meet the demands of their growing business. Metodika currently has six full-time employees devotedly solely to software development.


First meeting w Dr. Per Hedén

First booking in Skalpell

Surgery module released

Picture library added

Smart journal template manager, letter manager added

First client in The United Kingdom, Surgery 2.0 and Unit module released

Quality module released, First client in Denmark & The Netherlands

CRM module released, Metodika awarded most valued partner by 4D

First client France, Italy & Ukraine, Release insurance billing module

First client Norway, Eye-care module

First client Switzerland, Finance 2.0

First client Republic of Ireland

New Ophthalmology module
skalpell Cross Platform: Skalpell works on Mac & PC