Data Migration Technician – Improving Health Care - Metodika is looking to hire someone who can take the task of converting data from one medical data system to another

At Metodika we are passionate about time. We value time. We save time. We safeguard our customers' time so they can spend it where it counts. Caring for their patients. That is why we support leading healthcare professionals to improve their business and patient satisfaction through the realization of intelligent systems.

Every time we set up a new client in Metodika we also need to take the exported data from the old system and make it fit into our system. The data that ́s being transformed and moved is medical data, so it ́s paramount to get the conversion right.

Metodika is looking to employ another developer who want to join us in improving healthcare through intelligent processes and IT-solutions. You will be part of a dynamic and growing team of developers who maintains, supports and develops Metodika EPM, a comprehensive IT-system for hospitals and clinics. Its functionality ranges from CRM and resource planning to journal management and invoicing. Our customers are leading private hospitals and clinics across Europe.

Currently we are 20 employees working from spacious, bright and modern premises in Nacka Strand, just a few minutes from Slussen. It is a multinational team and both English and Swedish is spoken on a daily basis. We would welcome more multilingual colleagues!

Job Description

  • Responsible for both the data processing and content layout duties required of the Data Processing Technician and Content Layout Technician roles.
  • Use both purchased and proprietary software systems to perform these tasks.


  • Perform data processing and content layout work according to instructions and department standards.
  • Create custom programs to meet client-specific requirements. This may include extensive formatting of fields, suppression, seed appending, IMB creation, casing/punctuation of client fields, specific client sign-off fields/reports, custom sample records or custom file segmentation.
  • Create custom layouts to meet client-specific requirements. This may include extensive use of scripting and options within software to create highly engineered setups.
  • Ensure that all work is correct, fulfill job instructions and satisfies department QA requirements.
  • Provide feedback to Account Services to support continued account development.
  • Document client-specific requirements for use by other team members.
  • Participate in process improvement or other duties as assigned by management.
  • Support and respect coworkers and supervisors.
  • Exercise independent judgement in the course of carrying out job functions.

Experience / Educational requirements

  • Handling large amount of data, reading, structuring and analyzing it.
  • Working with databases, what type of database is unimportant. The point is that you are familiar with how data is/can be structured in databases.
  • Some sort of development background since you have to be able to build tools to do the actual data conversion. The sort of programming language you do the conversion in isn ́t important, you use the language that suits you and the task best, the resulting dataset is what ́s important.
  • A bit of project leader, do detective work and to troubleshoot.


  • Ability to write scrips/programs, for example: Python, Node JS, C#.
  • Familiar with any type of database, SQL, Oracle, 4D.
  • Some basic programming skills.
  • Structured in your work.
  • Flexible, analytic, problem solver, takes pride in work, work with a purpose and with limited supervision.


  • Ability to read Scandinavian languages.
  • Working with medical data/processes
  • Some basic programming skills.
  • Structured in your work.
  • Flexible, analytic, problem solver, takes pride in work, work with a purpose and with limited supervision.

Please send your application as soon as possible. Interviews and selection will be done continuously. Your application should contain your CV and a personal letter and should be sent to Wiveka Horwitz,

Metodika söker en norsktalande kollega till vår supportavdelning i Stockholm

Metodika startade 1991 och hjälper privata sjukhus och kliniker i Europa med ett komplett IT-system. Systemet administrerar hela patient processen från bokning till fakturering. Metodika har själv utvecklat systemet som vi ständigt utvecklar tillsammans med våra kunder. Med vår nyförsäljning växer vi varje år och omsätter idag cirka 25 miljoner SEK.

Vi är 20 anställda med 8 olika nationaliteter som sitter i ljusa och fräscha lokaler i Nacka Strand. Nu behöver vi förstärka vår organisation med en norsktalande kollega på supportavdelningen.


  • Ärendehantering i Metodika Support, mail och telefon.
  • Systemsupport.
  • Dokumentation av t.ex. nya funktioner.
  • Skriva quick guides.
  • Serveruppdateringar.
  • Ibland support på plats.


  • Då Norge är vår största marknad krävs det att du talar flytande norska.
  • Intresse för IT.
  • Älskar att hjälpa människor.
  • Att du behärskar engelska.


  • Erfarenhet av att arbeta inom vården, gärna i Norge.
  • Kunskap i norska regelverk avseende norsk sjukvård.

Extra bonus

  • Kan du dessutom tyska är det ett plus.

Välkommen med din ansökan till Wiveka Horwitz, snarast.