Metodika Academy

Release the full potential of Metodikas solutions with Metodika Academy

Our Solution Specialists will be with you at every step helping you to use the solutions in an efficient way as possible.

The Metodika Academy contains three different parts:

  1. Implementation
  2. Open Super User CertificateTraining
  3. On Site support


The implementation of the system is the first step of the journey, below you can seethe implementation timeline. The purpose with this careful implementation is to make sure that you will get a solution that suits your processes and your way of handling your business.

Timeline Metodika Academy


The Open Super User Certified Training goes through the most relevant and fundamental features of the Metodika EPM platform:

  • Booking process
  • Support organization
  • The finance module
  • CRM
  • The medical process

By the end of day two, you’ll have the chance to test your skills with an examination, followed up with an evaluation.


The On Site Support is our customized training on site. The On Site Support can include a wide selection of consulting services. Whether you need help with how to best attract new patients, how to use the finance part of the solution or if you need complementary training to your Super User Training, the On Site Support is what you’re looking for.

Said about Metodika Academy:

“Before we had the training, it felt like we had a Ferrari that we pushed in front of us. With the Super User Training, we finally got access to the car keys:

Dr Aili Low, Art Clinic

Participants, from six different countries, at the Open Super User Certificate Training

Super User Training