The central nervous system for your clinic

This is Metodika EPM (Enterprise Practice Management), famously known as Skalpell

The Metodika EPM is an exclusive software package with tools to better manage healthcare practices. It takes all the events and tasks in your day-to-day business, connects the dots, and automates the processes. It reduces overlapping tasks, streamlines workflow, and provides you with tools to analyze and improve your clinic.

It handles all the data and all the administrative details – scheduling, medical-record keeping, patient interaction, SMS, billing, and statistical analysis – so you can spend your time caring for your patients.

Metodika EPM is designed for mid-to-large-sized organizations and operates on both Apple and Microsoft platforms.

It is created in close cooperation with prominent surgeons and managers from some of the world’s leading clinics. They told us about their need to reduce inefficiency in their clinics, so they could maximize valuable, hands-on time spent with their patients.

Today more than 200 clinics across Europe run customized versions of our software. That’s more than 7,500 health care professionals in 13 countries. A typical client sees a return on investment in less than 18 months.

The tools: Seven Guardians of Time

When we first created our Metodika system we had this image of being guardians of time. Our mission was to find all time thieves and get rid of them.

So we analyzed the workflow of several clinics and found a lot of risks for wasting time on tasks that slow things down. For any professional with a passion for caring for patients and building a prospering business around it, time thieves are very frustrating.

We finally ended up with seven crafty guardians of time, one for each critical part of a clinic’s workflow. And they’re still doing their job, at more and more clinics around the world. And we are still obsessed by our mission.
If you wish it’s perfectly ok to see our guardians of time just as seven easy-to-use tools to run an efficient business, reducing overlapping tasks, streamlining workflow, and providing you with invaluable possibilities to analyze and continuously improve your clinic.


THE 7 STEPS - ARROWS - otl_1.2


Your call center is your patient’s first point of contact with your clinic. It’s also your chance to tracking potential customers and understanding and meeting their needs. The Call Center module (integrated into our CRM) helps categorize inquiries, identifying new patients while managing communications with existing ones. Our EPM provides you with lists of people who have contacted your clinic as well as fact sheets containing the information you need to build your business. You can integrate your marketing and sales activities with the calendar functionality and generate automatic follow-up letters and sales calls.

Your patients are the lifeblood of your clinic. Metodika helps you treat them accordingly.


Metodika EPM supports your practice from the moment a patient walks in the door. We streamline your intake process and prevent costly administrative oversights. The first step is registration. Our Front Office module helps you enter new patient data and checks to be sure all client financial and administrative requirements are met before you initiate consultation or procedures. Should you need them, the CRM automatically generates reminders for any missing health declarations.

After registration, you can track your patients’ progress and location in real time throughout your clinic. This means no scrambling, no second-guessing, and no loss of precious time. The Front Office module also manages payment, billing, and new appointment scheduling.


The doctor-patient relationship is the centerpiece of your clinical practice. Metodika EPM facilitates productive, rewarding interactions between you and your clients. We make sure your patients’ critical information is always at your fingertips, whether you are in the exam room or in the operating room. You consistently find clear, comprehensive information, complete with photographs, medical history, and your patient’s current concerns. New information can be entered rapidly using pre-made templates or via a simple text form. If you need pictures, just upload them from your clinic’s camera via wifi or USB connection.


When you are in surgery, you aim for perfection. Time is of the essence. Metodika EPM grants you immediate access to your patient records in the operating room. You can also track supplies and medical equipment used during any procedure. It’s a safe, reliable and efficient way to manage inventory and billing in one go.

Metodika EPM also includes the unique ability to set, start, and manage “timers,” which automatically track the duration of procedures. Timers provide invaluable data that can be used for statistical analysis, process improvement, and quality management. Timers are a powerful tool for comprehensively understanding your clinic’s operations and measuring its performance over time. They can be configured to measure any service in the clinic, including minor treatments and consultations.

Unit/Ward Care

The system enables you to track your patients anywhere in your clinic. It also displays available rooms and resources. Plus you can always log and register equipment and consumables used during procedures for later billing and record keeping. It will help your clinic to better manage stock and inventory, while making sure your patients are invoiced accurately.

After Care

Certain routine tasks can, and should, be automated without affecting patient care. Our software can schedule automatic reminders to notify patients of follow-up appointments. It also reminds your staff to check on patients at scheduled times after their procedures. Metodika EPM tracks outcomes for quality management and control. You can generate reports for a variety of purposes, including research and process improvement. When you let the system handle the mundane tasks your office staff becomes free to provide personal touch where it matters most.

Finance and Statistics

Metodika EPM allows you to centralize data collection and analysis. This includes tracking patient financial data and generating invoices.

Our invoicing software processes all major methods of payment, and it is compliant with each specific country’s legal regulations. We also offer you the flexibility of exporting financial data, including invoices and inventory, to most external accounting software systems.

For the assessing of your clinic’s business practices and health outcomes, Metodika EPM offers flexible, and accurate tools to collect and analyze performance data. We automatically incorporate many pre-configured reports for measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), such as caregiver name, number of procedures, treatments over time, and treatments per location. We’re happy to build custom reports expressly for your clinic. It is easy to export data from Metodika EPM into programs such as QlikView, Crystal Reports or Excel for further analysis.

A Few Highlights

FAT – Find Available Time

Find Available Time is our proprietary algorithm to support a successful practice. FAT saves your clinic time by electronically scheduling patients - cross-referencing your patients’ needs with available resources (staff, rooms, doctors, and equipment). It automatically identifies multiple appointment times, emphasizing optimal times, for each procedure. It will increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and add capacity to your practice.

EMR – Electronic Medical Records and Files

With the EMR module you never again spend time collecting medical data manually from different systems and locations. Properly tagged and stored in one common repository you’ll find the data within seconds. The EMR module simplifies medical record keeping via a secure system that complies with legal requirements. (Some restrictions apply. Follow this link for a list of markets where CE certification is applicable.) EMR is easy to use and allows you to design your own fill-in forms so you can collect the data you need the most. This module accepts unlimited image data, including photographs and other specific patient data.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management and Patient Acquisition

CRM is a module that connects your clinic to current and future patients via the web. It also includes tools to manage your call center. It lets patients book online and you to sort and create lists of customers for follow-up and automatically send pre-scheduled email messages. The CRM module integrates fully with your website, allowing you to track the progress of online marketing and it handles printed letters and other marketing material, as well.

BPM – Business Process Management

The BPM module identifies bottlenecks or trouble spots in your organization. With over 20 years of experience and accumulated knowledge, Metodika understands what makes a clinic successful. Our experts work closely with your staff to make your organization more streamlined and efficient. The BPM module automates your processes and provides you with tools to continuously monitor and measure outcomes. BPM manages billing and inventory, as well. Plus you can export data from the BPM module directly to your bookkeeping software.

QMS – Quality Management System

We know you need to manage risk as well as maximize patient satisfaction. The QMS module detects risk by closely monitoring the results and outcomes of all clinical procedures. It automatically flags areas that need attention, in everything from surgical procedures to patient satisfaction. The QMS reveals trends and patterns so you can make changes pro-actively rather than re-actively.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

The KPI module brings you deep insight into the business practices and health outcomes at your clinic. It can incorporate endless variability, allowing you to track the duration of procedures, resources used, costs and expenses, and how and where your clinic actually earns revenue. We can help build special reports to almost any level of detail. Want to know who is the fastest surgeon with the most satisfied patients? The outcome of a special procedure in a specific clinic or an entire region? How much income each care giver generates per month? Over the past six months? No problem.

Other things we believe you would also like to know

Never assuming one size fits all.

The starting point is always our proven Metodika EPM platform, a robust core functionality with flexible add-ons tailored to the needs of our clients in collaboration with them. Then we listen and learn from our new customers to be able to deliver a highly flexible solution, easy to use, simple to install, and providing a rapid return on investment.

Always according to local regulations

Our team carefully tracks all external regulations and legislation, so you can be sure always to be in regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Easily accessible

Your servers can be located anywhere. Some of our clinics prefer on-site placement for all their equipment. Others want simple terminals for inputting and retrieving medical records and other information. Larger organizations with multiple locations often prefer a combination of both. No matter how you configure your system, your clinic data is guaranteed to be easily accessible. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of various alternatives.

One location as well as several, in different IT environments

Many of our clients need access from more than one location. Perhaps your organization has clinics in different cities or countries. Perhaps your caregivers continually travel, consulting or conducting procedures in new locations. Or perhaps you simply prefer to log those final medical records after dinner, in the comfort of your own home. Our solutions work in all standard IT environments. You can even mix hardware platforms.

Nine different languages

Today we have customers in 13 countries who run Metodika EPM in nine languages. If your language is not already available, talk to us.

Works on your current system

Metodika EPM runs on most hardware platforms. You can even mix and match to suit your needs. Many Metodika EPM features are also accessible on your personal tablet or smartphone.

Currently supported platforms and devices:



Currently supported browsers:


Easy to get more features or a custom solution

Metodika EPM comes with a comprehensive set of features and functionalities. However, your clinic might have a procedure, process, or requirement that is truly unique. Then our team of experts and software developers can design and build custom features and fully integrate them into your version of our package.

We’re happy to recommend the technical stuff

For a typical local installation at a small clinic with up to 10 concurrent users, we suggest the following hardware:

  • Server: a Mac mini with a minimum of 2 cores and 4GB RAM (or the equivalent windows-based hardware).
  • On the client side, you can run any recent Mac or PC with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and screen resolution of 1280x800.
  • For backup, we recommend an extra hard drive configured with RAID 10 (or equivalent). We do not recommend a Network Attached Storage unit (NAS).

Work securely

We know the importance of data integrity, security and reliability. Our software comes with built-in features to guarantee that all sensitive data is securely stored on your servers and/or in the cloud, with automatic backups for uninterrupted use.

In 2014 Metodika’s customers used our EPM software for over 2.7 million continuous hours. If your hardware should fail, automatic backup procedures make sure you are up and running quickly, with no loss of data.

Our permissions module allow you to restrict access to different modules for individuals or user groups. For medical records you can hone permissions further restricting read or write access per patient and entry.
In 2010 Metodika EPM became the second approved EMR system (after Siemens Medical) to be CE-certified throughout Europe as a Medical Device Class 1. This is now an EU-directive for all electronic medical records sold in Europe. Ask your current supplier about their EU-compliance.