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You can book appointments with all systems. With Metodika Human Business, you can book thousands of appointments with one click.

Metodika Human Business is an Occupational Healthcare System that will allow you to reduce time on administrative, unnecessary and time consuming tasks. Metodika Human Business will help you streamline processes and make your day-to-day business more efficient.

At Metodika we are passionate about time. We save time and safeguard it so you can spend it where it counts.

Metodika Human Business is:

  • CE-certified as a medical device class 1
  • The only Occupational Healthcare Systems provider with knowledge about API integrations
  • Cost efficient and will guarantee you the highest ROI on the market
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Offering continuous client requested development
  • Completely secure as we have never lost any patient data - ever
  • Offering cleaned and and imported data with every new client


With Metodika Human Business the control is at your fingertips.

Metodika Human Business can make large sets of data about your clients corporate health easy to understand and presentable.

With Metodika Human Business you can handle large client structures, agreements, finance, contact journals, employee registers and let your clients access data through the web completely secure.


  • Intelligent tools
  • Secure environment
  • Stable and tested database
  • Scalability
  • Custom development
  • Third party compatibility



Integrated CRM system that keeps track of workflows and customer communication activities.

Mass mailing

Integrated mass mailing functionality. Let Metodika Human Business find suitable recipients of your market communication.

Patient Registry

Hospital class patient registry with all patient related data in one place.

Lab module

Communicate lab requests and lab results both within your organization and to external labs.

National Integration

Metodika Human Business is packed full of integration standards with national authorities and complies with market regulation.

Resource Management

Metodika Human Business keeps track of all resources needed to complete your deliveries.

Interactive contact journals

You can communicate directly to the clients through the web.

Linked Dynamic Forms

Create your own health questionnaires and let the system communicate with the employees/patients directly.

Flexible employee registers

The employee register will follow the employee, regardless of employment.

Enterprise client agreements

Framework agreements valid for sets of subsidiaries within corporate client structure.


Let Metodika Human Business be the backbone of your systems infrastructure and let other systems integrate to it through our Web API.


Smart pricing

Metodika Human Business can handle more than 150.000 price lists within the same client. Price lists can adjust prices based on time, delivery location and delivery company. You can update sets of price lists easily based on index or a percentage increase.

Data collection

Make patients and client employees work for you by letting them register their data directly into the journal. Metodika Human business will present the data in a structured manor to the caregivers when they need it.

Client agreements

Manage large sets of client agreements and their billing with ease.


Metodika Human Business is 100 % GDPR compliant.

Employee healthcare overview

Let Metodika Human Business give the stats on a client's employees billing, deliveries, costs and time consumption.


Let the system help you book large orders. With Metodika Human business you can book any number of appointments and then the system will help the customer employees to set a time for their appointments.


Let your Key Account Managers see their sales progress and their sales pipe change in real time.

Deviation tracking

Metodika Human Business contains a full deviation tracking tool. Keep track of any deviations and use the data to improve your Quality.

Delivery approval

Let the deliverer sign their delivery. No-one else knows what has been produced better than the staff member making the delivery, thus simplifying invoicing.


With Metodika Human Business we have created tools that will let you take back the control over your day-to-day financial processes.

There is no need for dedicated financial business systems - Metodika Human Business is an “all-in-one” solution.

Highly cost efficient and guaranteed R.O.I.


  • Battle hardened - proven and approved for 25 years
  • “All-in-One” system
  • Cost efficient
  • Lower license fees
  • Scalable
  • Self-written invoices
  • Reinvests in development to have cutting-edge technology


KPI and Statistics

Metodika Human Business contains over 200 statistical reports. Many of which are multifaceted and can answer different questions from within the same report.

Open Database Connection

The database is SQL compatible and makes integration of external reporting software such as Qlik or MS ReportBuilder an easy task.


Agreements creates the invoices automatically, just for you to approve and send. Deliveries are approved and invoiced directly according to agreements by any user.


Fully integrated pre-accounting system that can export Accounting to Visma, Fortnox etc.

Smart financial licensing model

We only bill concurrent users, not named user accounts.


Client managers are presented relevant and current information in real time to avoid financial surprises.


Your staff and your clients employees will gain a higher level of well-being and job satisfaction, by a reduced administrative burden.

Tedious scheduling is history.

With tools - designed by humans for humans - the job gets easier and more fun!


  • Proactive workflows
  • Every click counts
  • The data you need when you need it
  • AI suggested journal templates

Would you like to know more about Metodika Human Business and how it can help you streamline your day-to-day work?

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