Metodika Klinik

Metodika Klinik

Your web-window to Metodika EPM.

We realize that not all caregivers are alike. We have the large hospitals with many operating theaters, with hundreds of staff, spread geographically across a country.
Then again, there are the small walk-in clinics, where only injections and skin treatments or laser treatments are performed.

For these two extremes to use the same “Enterprise Practice Mangement-system” for handling their patient flows and to save time for their staff, seems far-fetched.
But this is exactly what they can do with Metodika Klinik.
We have merged the best of two worlds:

Metodika EPM

Metodika Klinik

At the heart is the full client-database solution that we call Metodika EPM, with its myriad of options and possibilities.

For caregivers doing injections, or receptionists handling arrival registration, bookings and payments, Metodika Klinik provides them with a clean, fast and simple web-interface.

In the back-office, administrative staff can create templates, add staff, treatments and price lists or change user access rights using the full client.

Changes that are immediately available to the Metodika Klinik users across the business, whether they are in the same building or across the country.

Learning everything there is to know about Metodika EPM will in most cases require training by Metodika staff over several days.

With Metodika Klinik, even new employees will be able to start working in the system within a few hours, with the right coaching.


By combining the power, complexity and flexibility of Metodika EPM, with the lightness and easy interface of Metodika Klinik, we have created the perfect mix for smaller injection-focused clinics, or for the larger company that have plastic surgery localities as well as walk-in clinics for injections or facial treatments.

And the most important part of all: everyone is always working with the same, current data stored in, and pulled from the same database. Your data is just as safe working with it in Metodika Klinik as it is in Metodika EPM.

So, say hello to a new flavor of Metodika: Metodika Klinik.

Trust that we will always strive towards saving your time.