This is why Metodika Human Business is an investment

An increased turnover of 40% and an ROI of over 500% - does it sound too good to be true? In this case study, we’ll tell you how Metodika managed to help one of its clients reduce costs and time for unnecessary administration, while increasing sales and client satisfaction.

In order to be able to implement Metodika Human Business as an occupational healthcare system, a thorough assessment is carried out where Metodika, together with the client gets to go through the daily work routines of the client to see where costly hours for unnecessary, and tedious, administrative work are found. In other words, the assessment shows which processes can be streamlined so that daily operations become more profitable and productive. The platform enables management of customer relationships, bookings, record keeping, invoicing, resource planning and a number of other time-consuming, administrative processes. What the client will notice is that a few minutes here, and a few minutes there adds up to a lot of time in the end. Time that should be spent on what really matters - the employees.

In the assessment, the size of the investment is calculated on a number of different factors that are fundamental for a successful implementation, a return on investment analysis is done. The factors can be time for staff training and consultation time, how many licenses that is needed for contemporary users of the system. Old data also needs to be transferred to the Metodika platform.

With the help of the Metodika platform, the client was able to come to the conclusion that they could increase their sales by as much as 655,200 euros. Some of the processes that could be streamlined, thanks to the data from Metodika, were:

  • more effective follow up on incoming calls
  • more effective web booking procedures
  • more effective when handling inquiries
  • better targeted marketing

In addition to increased sales, the Metodika platform was able to allow the client to make
savings of as much as 274,700 euros. In the cost improvements you could see:

  • increase the efficiency of the doctors
  • speeding up booking processes
  • paperless administration
  • increased number of successful operations
  • easier to produce accurate reports which reduced the risk of errors

So, what was the result in the end? An increased turnover of 40%. The estimated ROI of 459% turned out to be over 500 %. All this in 2,5 months time. The investment for the clinic in this case was only 190 000 euros and included the following posts:

  • Invested time from the client
  • Licenses
  • Training
  • Infrastructure

No wonder Metodika can help their clients’ become more profitable and productive!

Published 2021-03-26

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