ShapeBy is a Stockholm-based medical aestethic business. We're on a mission to make aestethic medicine safe, natural, fulfilling and socially acceptable.

Since safety is on top of our list of objectives, we needed a proven and reliable journal system with internal web booking functionality and a friendly user interface.

This is exactly what we received with Skalpell. Earlier, we had to work between several different systems for each unique purpose, and we sometimes even had to resort to tracking patients in Excel. Thankfully, that is now a memory of the past.

We can no turn to ONE system for all patient related inquiries, whether they are medical, booking or financially related. This not only saves us a lot of time, but also reduces the risk of errors, as we no longer need to jump back and forth between systems.

ShapeBy can now not only provide safer treatments, but also guarantee the integrity of all patient related information and feel comfortable in tracking the full lifespan of each patient.

Thank you, Metodika

Marko Sarcevic CEO - ShapeBy Sweden AB